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Methodics of assessing environmental noise emission while performing hydraulic fracturing operations in shale formations.

Łukasz Łukańko, Jan Macuda

Vol. 33, no. 4 (2016), s. 769-779, [1]

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Hydraulic fracturing operations performed at the stage of gas prospection in shale formations are aimed at opening out gas residing in rock micropores. Large quantities of fracturing fluid, with physicochemical composition adjusted to their properties, are injected to the selected interval of a horizontal well. Finally, sand (proppant) is injected along with the fracturing fluid to support the newly formed fracture. The results of a computer simulation of noise emission generated by high pressure pumps during hydraulic fracturing operations, and the results of noise measurements during such work in the north of Poland are presented in the paper. The analysis of the obtained results revealed that the noise standards for day hours in the residential area localized ca. 320 m from the well pad was not exceeded for the hydraulic fracturing operations. The noise level in the night hours was considerably higher, therefore a respective sound berm should be construed.