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Technological parameters of innovative cement slurries used for sealing wellbores in shale formations.

Marcin Kremieniewski, Marcin Rzepka, Stanisław Stryczek, Rafał Wiśniowski Łukasz Kotwica, Albert Złotkowski

Vol. 33, no. 4 (2016), s. 781-799, [1]

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In the years 2014–2016 two scientific units, i.e. Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas, AGH UST and Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute cooperated on the realization of a project called Optidrilltec. A group of innovative recipes of slurries to be used for sealing wellbores in shale formations were worked out. Both fresh and hardened cement slurries should meet restrictive technological requirements, therefore this issue was in the focus of the conducted research. Laboratory experiments were performed on high-class research and control/measurement equipment, thanks to which innovative recipes of cement slurries for sealing casing in shale gas formations could be worked out. These recipes comply with standards and can be successfully used as read-made applications for sealing casing installed in shale formations.