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New mud for hydrogeological drilling.

Jan Macuda, Sławomir Wysocki, Magdalena Gaczoł

Vol. 33, no. 4 (2016), s. 819-827, [1]

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A major source of valued water are groundwater deposits. Therefore, constantly growing water demand requires greater focus on the subject of hydrogeological drilling. The primary requirements for groundwater drilling are: protection of important aquifers as well as formations being drilled and further easy removal of the mud residues during well development. Both aspects are connected to mud ingredients and additives selection. This necessitates an improvement of drilling fluid formula for most effective borehole drilling and successive exploitation. This article concentrates on the drilling fluid for hydrogeological drilling. In order to validate the practical utility of developed mud, laboratory research was conducted. An analyses of the outcomes expose the mud improving drilling process and fulfilling above mentioned requirements.