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Analysis impact fracturing fluid acidity on structural strength of crosslinked gel complex.

Piotr Krzeczek, Paweł Karasek, Paweł Wojnarowski

Vol. 34, no. 2 (2017), pp. 385-394, [1]

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Nowadays hydraulic fracturing is the most commonly used technique to stimulate the productivity of a well. The selection of a proper fracturing fluid is all about choices which strongly influence on effectiveness of the treatment. It should be carefully prepared, supported by lab analysis in order to match fluid to reservoir condition. This article concerns impact of fracturing fluid additives on fluid properties. In the paper crosslinking process has been shown and its importance on conventional reservoir rocks fracturing treatment. Provided lab examination shows fluid pH impact during creation crosslinked gel complex including influence to crosslinking time in the surface condition. The lower linear gel pH caused lower crosslinking time of fracturing fluid.