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Computer simulation of the influence of proppant high diameter grains damage on hydraulic fracturing efficiency.

Dariusz Knez, Jan Ziaja, Monika Piwońska

Vol. 34, no. 2 (2017), pp. 411-417, [1]

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Throughout the past two decades, there has been a great intensification of research on processes related to hydraulic fracturing. One of the most significant issues is the behavior of proppants under reservoir conditions. It clearly influences the oil production from the stimulated borehole. Quick loss of a fracture conductivity after hydraulic fracturing may be caused by migration of particles into the porous area of the fracture. Another effect is creation of small solid particles as a result of proppant crushing. Mineral sedimentation may occur on grains propping the fracture because of chemical reactions at the area of contact between the proppant and the mixture of reservoir water and the fracturing fluid. The effect of these reactions is changes in the porosity of the proppant package and conductivity of the fracture. The article presents results of a computer simulation of parameter changes of the proppant in reservoir conditions and their influence on oil production. One of paramount factors is proppant grains damage. As a result of a computer simulation, using Fracpro software, the level of decreased conductivity of the fracture was determined. It was also defined that the influence of this phenomenon on lower production in comparison to the situation where proppant damage is not accounted for.