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Analysis of the methods for gas demand forecasting.

Rostyslav Apostol, Mariusz Łaciak, Andrii Oliinyk, Adam Szurlej

Vol. 34, no. 2 (2017), pp. 429-437, [1]

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Natural gas is a very important and strategic resource. In the structure of the world’s primary energy, its share is currently approx. 25 % and according to the forecasts it will continue to grow. In addition, the transition the large cities to gas as the main energy resource is an effective solution for reducing harmful emissions and improving air quality. The trend of increasing consumption of natural gas causes the complex technical issues, especially the need of accurate forecasting the gas demand, design the new distribution networks and modernization of the existing systems of gas supply. This article presents a review of existing methods for gas demand forecasting based on the gas engineering literature analysis and the approach for the forecasting of gas consumption based on the analysis of the gas consumption diagrams of gas station.