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Modelling of the system for cleaning up free oil products with the application of the MARS simulator.

Janusz Knez, Dariusz Knez

Vol. 30, no. 2 (2013), s. 327-331, [1]

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Nowadays one of the most important problems in environmental protection is the pollution of groundwater by derivative products of oil. A common case of the infiltration of the oil derivative products to the ground water system is mainly connected with accidental oil spills in various types of environmental conditions. In this case we encounter numerous types of problems connected especially with the pollution in: 1) aeration zones, 2) saturation zones. The first step is a conceptual model for the proper recognition of the type and scale of the problem. After making a conceptual model it is possible to take a preliminary decision to recognize what sort of pollution is the source of the environmental problem. A study example describes modeling of free products of oil (LNAPL) floating on the groundwater table using MARS (Multiple Areal Remediation Simulator). The multiphase model was made on the basis of theoretical model concepts. In the modeling the recovery and migration of LNAPL are simulated, and the recoverable and residual spill volumes of derivate products of oil are estimated. Modeling indicates the best location of the remediation system and the pumping wells. Additionally, modelling can be applied to manage the remediation system for improving the efficiency and for decreasing the catchment area of piezometers and wells.