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Prediction of pumping units reducers' resource.

Bogdan Kopej, Stanisław Bednarz, Oksana Stefanišin

Vol. 31, no. 1 (2014), s. 117-121, [1]

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Periodic monitoring of pumping units reducer vibration allow for a prediction of its full or residual resource to the next repair, which can be estimated on the basis of extrapolation methods and classification. Considering these two methods, we can say that the advantage extrapolation method has its accuracy and the possibility of adaptation to each specific gear, and the disadvantages include its complexity and the need to respect the conditions of constant change over time the vibration characteristics of the selected gear by law. In the application of classification method, which is simple, you need to process a certain amount of statistical data derived from the operation of machines, swing or perform experiments on a special stand that is relatively complex. In addition, the practice shows that the use of statistical techniques often makes accurate predictions due to the large gap modes of machines, swing and various properties of the pumped wells product, so the decision was made in solving this problem use the method of construction and extrapolation of time trend change of gear operating parameters. In Borislav CBPC the diagnostic examination of a number of reducers RN -2300 were conducted and the optimal level of vibration determined, whereby it can be concluded the qualitative repair of this type of gear. Some sensors during testing were installed on the gear housing near the output shaft. The average frequency of rotation of the input shaft gear was during vibroobservations was obtained respectively: fvh = 3.9 Hz and fvh = 3.53 Hz. Processing of the results was conducted by software MathCAD. Acceptable level of vibration that is recommended by standard GOST ISO 8579-2-2002 for gear RN -2300 is 8.3 mm / s, which can be used to determine its suitability for further exploitation. According to calculations conducted by an appropriate method the acceptable level of vibration above mentioned gear is 3.1 mm / s. These valid values are in good agreement with the experimental values and have a lower level compared to the standard recommendations. According to conducted researches the curve of resource prediction for gear of pumping unit has been plotted. Thus, the expected service life of the gear RN -2300 of pumping unit will be approximately 36-38 thousand hours.