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The influence of chosen calculation parameters on the total volume of the LNAPL product estimated in a mathematical model.

Janusz Knez, Dariusz Knez

Vol. 31, no. 4 (2014), s. 463-468, [1]

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There is a number of mathematical models applied to simulate the migration of oil-derived pollution, with the LNAPL (Light non-aqueous phase liquid) volumes in the saturation and aeration zones being analysed in two-phase modeling. A number of hydrogeological parameters and the parameters describing the second phase consisting of oil derivatives are assumed for the sake of the simulation. A part of the data predetermined for the mathematical model is applied on the basis of direct investigations in the field or laboratory, whereas some data are based on a literature analysis or are used by analogy to similar areas. The model data should be additionally verified and validated in the mathematical model. In the case of the LNAPL remediation system being simulated, it is the parameters related to the ground-water environment and the parameters defining the free product of oil that are very important in determining the volume of the recovered LNAPL. With a good deal of data applied for the remediation process simulation one may expect model solutions of different levels of reliability.