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Laboratory measurement of wettability for Ciężkowice sandstone.

Robert Czarnota, Damian Janiga, Jerzy Stopa, Paweł Wojnarowski

Vol. 33, no. 1 (2016), s. 167-171, [1]

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The type of reservoir rock wettability is one of the most important factors affecting flow of formation fluids in rock pores. It impacts on the characteristics of capillary pressure curves and residual oil saturation, what result in final recovery factor. There are generally, four differ states of wettability for hydrocarbon fields. These are: water wet, oil wet, mixed and fractional. For determination of wettability both quantitative and qualitative methods are implemented. In presented work, the results of wettability laboratory measurement for Ciężkowice sandstone by Amott–Harvey has been shown. Obtained outcomes underline the influence of wettability phenomena on the recovery factor for Carpathian hydrocarbon fields, where Ciężkowice sandstone is the oil bearing formation. The proper understanding of the wettability of reservoir is essential for determining the most efficient way of oil production.