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Utilization of high potential geothermal energy in the Czech Republic.

Martin Klempa, Robert Rado, Petr Bujok, Michał Porzer, Nikola Janečková

Vol. 33, no. 1 (2016), s. 195-202, [1]

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In the Czech Republic the electrical energy and heat from geothermal energy can be generated with the use of Engineering/Enhancing Geothermal System (EGS). In this case a downhole heat exchanger is performed to a depth at which the temperature of the rock mass is at least 150–160 ° C or more, preferably about 200 ° C. Taking into account the geological conditions in the Czech Republic, such temperatures can be ob- served at about 5000–6000 m of depth. The site of a pilot project of geothermal electrical energy production was selected on the basis of the analysis of deep-seated geological structures in the Czech Republic, i.e. area of crust faults in the Ore Mountains Erzgebirge. The selected geological units consist of the Ore Mountains Fault and Central Bohemian Uplands, which are part of the Ohersky Rift Valley. Two deep research wells are planned in that area, with detailed geological, geophysical and geothermal analyses, including laboratory analyses of sampled rocks (cores).