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Demand for heat from rock mass and borehole heat exchangers for a ventilation system in case of the auditorium at the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas at AGH UST in Krakow.

Jacek Hendel, Tomasz Śliwa, Andrzej Gonet, Rafał Łuczak, Łukasz Gałuszka, Joanna Kowalczyk

Vol. 33, no. 2 (2016), s. 223-234, [1]

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While calculating the heat demand for a ventilation system, the average monthly dry-bulb temperature is taken as the external temperature. While analysing a facility for public use, dedicated for 150 people and possessing a large share of transparent external walls it was shown, that using an hourly temperature in calculations, the obtained total energy demand (i.e. for heating and air conditioning) is 22% higher than the result obtained while taking into account an average monthly temperature. The obtained result points out the necessity of an individual approach to any large room, taking into consideration a temperature in a period of time significantly shorter than one month.