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Technological and safety aspects of CNG home fast refueling units.

Szymon Kuczyński, Krystian Liszka, Mariusz Łaciak, Andrìj Olìjnik, Robert Strods, Adam Szurlej

Vol. 33, no. 2 (2016), s. 425-431, [1]

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Despite all global economic shifts and the fact that natural gas is recognized worldwide as the main and the leading alternative to oil products in transportation sector, there is a huge barrier to switch passenger vehicle segment to natural gas – the lack of refueling infrastructure for natural gas vehicles. The key to solving that problem and providing barrier breaking refueling infrastructure solution for natural gas vehicles (NGV) is home fast refueling units. It operates using natural gas (methane), which is being provided through gas pipelines at client’s home, and electricity connection point. It enables an environmentally friendly NGV’s home refueling just in minutes. The underlying technology is one stage hydraulic compressor (instead of multistage mechanical compressor technology) which provides the possibility to compress low pressure gas from residential gas grid to 200 bar for its further usage as a fuel for NGVs. More than efficiency and convenience, the direct hydraulic compressor technology provides compelling cost and lifetime advantages as well as superior convenience over other solutions. Aims of this article is to compare technical, technological and safety aspects of home refueling units and estimate a perspectives of natural gas vehicles as an alternative for regular vehicles.