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Comparative analysis of borehole heat exchanger use in different climatic conditions.

Tomasz Śliwa, Gilles Decan, Aneta Sapińska-Śliwa, Anna Bieda, Tomasz Kowalski

Vol. 33, no. 2 (2016), s. 483-493, [1]

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The climatic conditions and the heating and cooling load between Ghent, Belgium, and Krakow, Poland, are compared. The cost of heating and cooling is calculated and compared. Heating in Belgium is done by using natural gas, just like in Poland, but due to higher gas prices, cost of heating is higher in Belgium than in Poland. That is why an interesting alternative for heating and cooling, namely borehole heat exchanger coupled with a heat pump, is calculated. This seems to be an economic and environmentally friendly alternative for heating and cooling.