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Innovative solutions in natural gas engineering.

Mariusz Łaciak, Tomasz Włodek

Vol. 34, no. 1 (2017), s. 259-270, [1]

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The role of natural gas increases in the world energy mix. Natural gas is an ecologic fuel and is used as an energy source in various industries, primarily in transportation. The increased role of natural gas causes the research for innovations and technology development. In modern industry technological innovations should not be presented only as a simple laboratory activities to develop a new tools, solutions and technological processes in natural gas sector. With the rapid development of the natural gas sector in the world in many countries the process of transformation of the national industrial base with the use of natural gas has begun. Natural gas can also be considered as an important bridge to other alternative sources of energy derived from fuel and effective for the environment. In this article the latest trends in the natural gas sector are collected and presented.

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