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Microscale modeling of CO₂-EOR process in coupling with laboratory measurements.

Damian Janiga, Robert Czarnota, Jerzy Stopa, Paweł Wojnarowski

Vol. 34, no. 1 (2017), s. 37-46, [1]

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Application of enhance oil recovery methods (EOR) as carbon dioxide injection (CO₂-EOR) can increase technological or economical production indicators. For the evaluation of process effectiveness, full scale simulation model is used. Numerical models require large number of high quality geological and production data. However, the necessary data may be uncertain therefore microscale laboratory experiment and modeling can provide a knowledge to understand the fluid flow phenomena. In this paper the authors propose an integrated decision model coupling laboratory measurements of displacement with the numerical simulation of flow. First step consists of routine rock properties determination, after that core sample geometry, porosity and permeability were reconstructed in numerical reservoir simulator. Simple core model was combined with relative permeability measurements for oil - water and oil - carbon dioxide as well as fluid properties. Calibrated to laboratory measurements simulation model was used to analyze the process of CO₂-EOR and evaluation of its effectiveness depending on technological parameters.

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