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Russian oil and gas industry on the eve of changes.

Katarzyna Kosowska, Piotr Kosowski

Vol. 34, no. 1 (2017), s. 49-64

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In 2016 Russia’s oil and gas industry celebrated 150th anniversary of its creation. It was a breakthrough moment in the history of Russian economy’s development due to two main rea-sons: firstly, it was a strong impulse to develop the national oil industry, secondly, a proof of huge technological potential of Russia. Today, when oil industry is at its best technological revolution, Russian oil sector loses to its competitors due to the lack of any reforms for two decades. But it is still the most important part of Russian economy - income from export of raw materials (mainly crude oil) has been a crucial part of federal budget (around 50%) which allows to subsidize other branches of economy. In the coming years Russia’s oil sector will have to face many challenges, both external (low oil price, sanctions) and internal (reducing production level, tax reforms). It is highly probable that despite negative experience of economic crisis, Russia’s authorities will not resign from the perception of oil sector as a driving force of the national economy. But Russia should find and develop other tradable industries or its long-term economic prospect will not be optimistic.

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