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Geochemical characteristics of Neogene methane-bearing lignite of the Bełchatów region.

Michał Maruta, Adam Zakrzewski

Vol. 34, no. 1 (2017), s. 81-92, [1]

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Coal beds could contain various amount of methane. This attribute might be dangerous in shafts or quarrying. Among other things, the works in the coal beds, including drilling, potentially there is a risk of exceeding the methane lower explosive limit. But on the other hand it is a source of unconventional hydrocarbon accumulations. In this paper geochemical characteristic of organic matter of tertiary brown coal from central part of Poland were performed. Geochemical surveys helps to know about genesis of methane from study area. The analysed samples contain various quantity of organic carbon, from 20,74 to 71.93 wt. %. Lignite from examine samples have weak hydrocarbon potential. In tertiary sediments prevails III type of kerogen with admixture of II type of kerogen. The thermal maturity of the tertiary organic matter changes within the interval from 354 to 419 in Tmax scale. Organic matter is immature. The composition of bitumens is different in various part of study area. Elemental analysis confirm that brown coal was comprised mostly by humic-group macerals. Coal samples contain methane with mixed genesis.