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The study of unsteady operation mode of the crude oil trunk pipeline in case of a sudden stop flow.

Zbigniew Fąfara, Roman Mazur, Rafał Matuła

Vol. 34, no. 2 (2017), pp. 349-359, [1]

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Media pipeline transportation, in particular energy commodities has a very high share in the world economy. It has many advantages over other methods of transmission of the products on land but there are concerns about the safety of the pipeline system. When we are designing the pipeline, we take into consideration maximal discharge pressure of medium, but any change in pumping parameters results the appea rance of an unsteady (transient) process, which in some cases may lead to a rapid increase in pressure. The largest increase in pressure in the pipeline comes at a time of a complete stop fluid flow. There is formed a water hammer, which may cause a major accident up to pipeline leaks inclusive. Subject of considerations in the paper is the analysis of changes in pressure over time in the pipeline obtained in 12 experiments of stop oil pump unit in the trunk pipeline for different pumping parameters and properties of the medium. Based on the recorded changes of pressure in measurement points were fitted regression models allowing to forecast an increase in pressure along the pipeline route caused by water hammer.