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Application of AHP method to assess the possibilities of using of geological structures located in the aquifers as underground storage sites.

Joanna Lewandowska-Śmierzchalska, Barbara Uliasz-Misiak

Vol. 34, no. 2 (2017), pp. 361-373, [1]

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Decision-making problem with assessing of the suitability of geological structures located in aquifers in terms of their use for carbon storage, natural gas storage or waste injection is mainly connected with the necessity of taking into consideration a large number of criteria and analyze a lot of parameters. It also connected with making many independent decisions concerning geological, environmental, social, political, technical or legal issues. This article shows the possibility of using the AHP method, ie. multi-criteria hierarchical methods to analysis of decision problems in assessment the potential of aquifers. AHP method allows to take reasonable decision. The article was divided into three parts. The first one includes a characteristics of geological structures located in aquifers, special attention was paid to the criteria describing these structures. In the second part, the basis for decision-making system based on the method of AHP, which was used to carry out the hierarchical scoping assessment of potential structures. Validation of decision-making system was realized on selected geological structures located on the Polish Lowlands. An assessment of the possibilities to use the two anticline in the Mesozoic aquifers was made. As a result, received the criteria ranking, rankings of decision variants to all criteria and global ranking of variants. Based on the results obtained can be determine which decision represents a priority way of use structure.