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Reinterpretation of the results of the two-cycle reservoir test of the Mesozoic water-bearing deposits in the W-3 well in terms of assessing the changes in rock permeability in the zones tested with a drill stem tester

Stanisław J. Dubiel , Mirosław Rzyczniak, Marek L. Solecki

Vol. 35, no. 1 (2018), pp. 57-67, [1]

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The article presents the results of the reinterpretation of the results of the two-cycle DST of the Mesozoic strata in the W-3 well to assess the changes in permeability of reservoir rocks in the test zone. Two-dimensional diagrams of the first and second pressure restoration curves in the semi-logarithm coordinate system were taken into account. The determined linear regression equations of these sections give simultaneously the extrapolated value of the reservoir pressure and the directional coefficient. The “logarithmic approximation” method used in hydrogeology was used to determine the radius of the perimeter zone with altered permeability of the water-bearing rocks of the Mesozoic.