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Early Carboniferous trilobite remains from limestones of the Dębnik Anticline, southern Poland.

Marta Bąk, Paweł Dulemba, Krzysztof Bąk

Vol. 40, no. 1 (2014), s. 27-32

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The presence of proetid trilobites' remnants is reported for the first time from the Lower Carboniferous limestones of the Dębnik Anticline outcropping in the Raclawka Valley, situated in the eastern part of the Upper Silesian Block (southern part of the Cracow Upland). Disintegrated exoskeletons of trilobites are observed in thin sections of fine-grained, peloidal wackstones and packstones. These rocks contain also foraminifers which indicate an early Tournaisian age for this locality.