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The chemistry and quality of water from the artesian wells of the Jurassic aquifer in Krakow.

Katarzyna Chruszcz-Lipska, Bogumiła Winid, Michał Maruta, Antonina Chmura-Skirlińska

Vol. 40, no. 4 (2014), s. 307-318

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Selected quality parameters of groundwater from four artesian wells of the Jurassic aquifer located in the center of Krakow (Cracow) are presented. Water from these public wells i.e. Nadzieja, Jagielloński, Królewski and Lajkonik, during 20 years of exploitation, has had constant bacteriological purity and rather constant chemical composition. A comparison of nitrates concentration in the investigated wells with Quaternary wells located in the same area, and with municipal drinking water in Krakow shows that water from the above-mentioned four wells is characterized by the lowest concentration of NO3 ions. Very low nitrate and nitrite concentration suggests that despite passage of time the chemical composition of water from the investigated intakes is not affected by anthropogenic pollution because of isolation of water reservoir due to geological conditions.