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Determination of quasi-filtration phase of consolidation based on experimental and theoretical course of the uniaxial deformation and distribution of pore pressure.

Bartłomiej Szczepan Olek, Henryk Woźniak

Vol. 42, 3 (2016), s. 353-363

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In this work the consolidation characteristics of the experimental and theoretical process of consolidation was studied. The analyses were carried out on the basis of the axial soil deformation progress and the pore pressure dissipation. The applied methodology gives possibility for the simultaneous comparison of the experimental and theoretical consolidation data and verification of the validity of calculated values of coefficient of consolidation, estimated using different methods. The aim of this research was to put some light on the quasi-filtration phase of consolidation. The results of consolidation studies on five high quality paste samples prepared from Krakowiec clays showed that the quasi-filtration occurs only in specific stages of the whole process. The analysis of changes in coefficient of consolidation depending on the degree of consolidation, enables the separation of the region of quasi-fixed values of cv, which corresponds to the quasi-filtration phase of consolidation.