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A geological interpretation of geophysical self-potential anomalies in the Radzimowice ore district, Sudetes, south-western Poland.

Jerzy Sobotka, Marzena Farbisz-Michałek

Vol. 42, no. 4 (2016), s. 475-484

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The analysis of the geophysical surveys results carried out in the Radzimowice area reveals that the anomalous zones of significant SP (self-potential) anomalies of natural SP fields do not substantially find a reflection in existing geological papers. Confrontation of existing geological elaborations with the results of SP analysis shows that the selfpotential studies expose significant elements of geological setting – i.e. run of faults, lithological boundaries, occurrence of ore mineralization – which can be helpful in clarifying the geological setting of the area. In the study, archived self-potential data were used and additionally new SP measurements were executed to justify their treatment as a valuable source of information.