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Devices for measuring ventilation parameters and methane concentration as well as concept of complex monitoring of methane hazard in longwall area.

Jerzy Mróz, Dariusz Felka, Adam Broja, Marcin Małachowski

No. 1(529) 2017, pp. 7-18

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This paper discusses the issue of the methane hazard occurring in the longwall areas of hard coal deep mines along with ways of overcoming this hazard. The authors describe devices for measuring the parameters of the underground environment in the exploitation area. Then, they present the results of tests to determine the methane hazard level in the longwall area. The parameters of ventilation-, absolute-, and criteria-methane-bearing capacity are determined based on online measurements of ventilation and gas parameters. The presented results are the effects of the European project AVENTO (Advanced tools for monitoring ventilation and methane emission).