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Automated transfer point URB/ZS-3.

Krzysztof Krauze, Waldemar Rączka, Marek Sibielak, Jarosław Konieczny, Dariusz Kubiak, Henryk Culer, Daniel Bajus

No. 2(530) 2017, pp. 80-85

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In the KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. mines, excavated material is transported by transport trucks to transfer points and then by belt conveyors to near-shaft storage reservoirs, from where the excavated material is transported to the surface by means of a shaft transport system. Transfer from the means of non-continuous haulage to the continuous transport systems takes place at transfer points, where the excavated material is divided into two fractions: oversized grain and undersized grain. The oversized excavated material (which stays on the grating) is subjected to a process of crushing with the use of jack hammers. The article describes the URB/ZS-3 device for the automatic cleaning of the grating at transfer points, and briefly describes the design and principle of operation of the device. It also presents the purpose of constructing a block-crushing device and the method of its automation.