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Vol. 49/1 (2023)

Strona redakcyjna
Instructions for the authors

Tomasz Koniarz, Marek Tarnawski, Agnieszka Baran

Geochemistry indices and biotests as useful tools in the assessment of the degree of sediment contamination by metals
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 49/1 (2023), 5-18   Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (1,0MB)

Agata Pyrda

Glacial geomorphology and Pleistocene glacier reconstruction in the Demänovská Valley, Low Tatra Mountains, Slovakia
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 49/1 (2023), 19-36  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (9,3MB)

Md Abdullah Salman, Md Saleh Shakeel Nomaan, Ayon Saha

An updated earthquake catalog for Bangladesh: an attempt at a seismic risk evaluation
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 49/1 (2023), 37-51  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (10,7MB)

Michał Kępiński, Paweł Ryder, Jacek Dudek, Daniel Podsobiński

The fluid flow modeling procedure including a critically stressed fracture analysis of coalbed methane reservoir: a case study of Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 49/1 (2023), 53-70  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (15,0MB)

Radosław Jędrusiak, Monika Chuchro, Barbara Bielowicz, Agnieszka Gielar

Assessment of the stability of mercury concentrations in municipal waste using data science tools
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 49/1 (2023), 71-83  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (1,0MB)

Katarzyna Cygnarowska

The use of algae to remove copper and lead from industrial wastewater
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 49/1 (2023), 85-93  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (890kB)

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