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Vol. 30/2 (2010)

Strona redakcyjna
Spis treści
Instruction for authors

S. Catada-Ghimire, H. Roslan, Y. H. Peng

On chromatic equivalence of a pair of K4-homeomorphs
Opuscula Math. 30 (2010), 123-131   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (151kB)

Wojciech Czernous

Pseudospectral method for semilinear partial functional differential equations
Opuscula Math. 30 (2010), 133-145   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (175kB)

Tomasz Juszczyk, Irmina A. Zioło

On some families of arbitrarily vertex decomposable spiders
 Opuscula Math. 30 (2010), 147-154   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (150kB)

Benedetto Silvestri

Fréchet differential of a power series in Banach algebras
Opuscula Math. 30 (2010), 155-177   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (2244kB)

Martin Sonntag, Hanns-Martin Teichert

Domination hypergraphs of certain digraphs
Opuscula Math. 30 (2010), 179-191   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (196kB)

Beata Strack

A note on the discrete Schrödinger operator with a perturbed periodic potential
Opuscula Math. 30 (2010), 193-202   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (134kB)

Zbigniew Szkutnik

A note on minimax rates of convergence in the Spektor-Lord-Willis problem
Opuscula Math. 30 (2010), 203-207   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (117kB)

Jincai Wang, Chunyan Wu

On a property of φ-variational modular spaces
Opuscula Math. 30 (2010), 209-215   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (122kB)

JinRong Wang, W. Wei, YanLong Yang

Fractional nonlocal integrodifferential equations of mixed type with time-varying generating operators and optimal control
Opuscula Math. 30 (2010), 217-234   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (189kB)

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