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Vol. 46/2 (2020)

Strona redakcyjna
Instructions for the authors

Michał Kępiński

Determination of stress state based on well logging data and laboratory measurements – a CBM well in the southeastern part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Poland)
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 46/2 (2020), 77-92   Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (8,3MB)

Jan Barmuta, Monika Korbecka, Piotr Hadro, Krzysztof Pieniądz, Michał Stefaniuk, Krzysztof Dzwinel, Arkadiusz Buniak

An evaluation of the impact of shot and receiver lines spacing on seismic data quality – the Wierzbica 3D AGH seismic experiment
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 46/2 (2020), 93-108  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (6,8MB)

Emö Márton

Last scene in the large scale rotations of the Western Carpathians as reflected in paleomagnetic constraints
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 46/2 (2020), 109-133  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (7,3MB)

Omowumi Ademila, Abel Idowu Olayinka, Michael Adeyinka Oladunjoye

Land satellite imagery and integrated geophysical investigations of highway pavement instability in southwestern Nigeria
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 46/2 (2020), 135-157  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (9,3MB)

Marcin Dreger

Changes in the methane emissions and hard coal output in the Brzeszcze mine (the Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland)
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 46/2 (2020), 159-174  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (1,5MB)

Dawid Surmik, Mariusz A. Salamon, Agnieszka Chećko, Karolina Kędroń

Ophiuroids from the Middle Triassic (Muschelkalk) of Sadowa Góra, Jaworzno (southern Poland)
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 46/2 (2020), 175-182  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (3,5MB)

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