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Vol. 48/2 (2022)

Strona redakcyjna
Instructions for the authors

Sistla Ravi Kumar

Crustal deformation of the Central Indian Ocean, south of Sri Lanka as inferred from gravity and magnetic data
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 48/2 (2022), 89-110   Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (5,0MB)

Norbert Smalera

Attribute analysis as a tool for determining the areas of the late diagenetic Main Dolomite deposits and assessing the stability of the seismic signal parameters
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 48/2 (2022), 111-132  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (3,6MB)

Katarzyna Sitko, Małgorzata Wistuba, Ireneusz Malik, Marek Krąpiec, Ruide Yu, Haiyan Zhang

Dendrochronological record of soil creep and landslide activity – the comparison of tree-ring eccentricity and compression wood (examples from the Kamienne Mts., Poland)
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 48/2 (2022), 133-146  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (3,8MB)

Marek Hajto, Michał Kaczmarczyk

The potential to improve air quality by increasing the use of deep geothermal energy
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 48/2 (2022), 147-175  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (12,5MB)

Abdulrahaman Idris Augie, Kazeem Adeyinka Salako, Adewuyi Abdulwaheed Rafiu, Mufutau Owolabi Jimoh

Geophysical assessment for gold mineralization potential over the southern part of Kebbi State using aeromagnetic data
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 48/2 (2022), 177-193  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (7,4MB)

Michał Wilkosz

ReMo3D – an open-source Python package for 2D and 3D simulation of normal and lateral resistivity logs
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 48/2 (2022), 195-211  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (1,8MB)

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