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Vol. 48/1 (2022)

Strona redakcyjna
Instructions for the authors

Shkumbin Shala, Urszula Aleksander-Kwaterczak, Fatos Rexhepi

Long-term changes in air quality. The case of Pristina (Kosovo)
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 48/1 (2022), 5-18   Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (1,2MB)

Jerzy J. Małecki, Marek Matyjasik, Ewa Krogulec, Dorota Porowska

Long-term trends and factors influencing rainwater chemistry in the Tatra Mountains, Poland
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 48/1 (2022), 19-38  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (7,8MB)

Dawid Surmik, Jerzy Cabała, Katarzyna Balin, Jacek Szade

An awkward contaminant: are mercury concentrations in historically collected fossils a result of storage conditions?
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 48/1 (2022), 39-49  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (1,8MB)

Witold Paweł Alexandrowicz

Molluscan assemblages in sediments of a landslide on Majerz Hill near Niedzica (Inner Carpathians, Southern Poland) – phases of development and environmental changes
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 48/1 (2022), 51-68  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (3,0MB)

Mentari Mukti, Barbara Tomaszewska, Magdalena Starczewska, Eva Oktavia Ningrum

Geological and environmental implications of the utilisation of geothermal energy in the Lahendong working area, Indonesia
Geology, Geophysics & Environment 48/1 (2022), 69-82  Pełny tekst/Article:  pdf  pdf  (4,2MB)

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