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Vol. 35/2 (2015)

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Olga Boyko, Vyacheslav Pivovarchik

On small vibrations of a damped Stieltjes string
Opuscula Math. 35 (2015), 143-159   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (1,8MB)

Michael Gil'

Simple eigenvectors of unbounded operators of the type “normal plus compact”
Opuscula Math. 35 (2015), 161-169   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (1,7MB)

Noureddine Ikhlef Eschouf, Mostafa Blidia

On b-vertex and b-edge critical graphs
 Opuscula Math. 35 (2015), 171-180   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (1,8MB)

Muhammad N. Islam

Bounded, asymptotically stable, and L1 solutions of Caputo fractional differential equations
Opuscula Math. 35 (2015), 181-190   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (1,8MB)

Bartosz Micherda

A new characterization of convex φ-functions with a parameter
Opuscula Math. 35 (2015), 191-197   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (1,8MB)

Hiroaki Niikuni

Decisiveness of the spectral gaps of periodic Schrödinger operators on the dumbbell-like metric graph
Opuscula Math. 35 (2015), 199-234   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (2,0MB)

Davod Khojasteh Salkuyeh, Amin Rafiei, Hadi Roohani

ILU preconditioning based on the FAPINV algorithm
Opuscula Math. 35 (2015), 235-250   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (1,8MB)

Adam Wegert

Steering projections in von Neumann algebras
Opuscula Math. 35 (2015), 251-271   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (2,0MB)

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