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Vol. 41/1 (2021)

Strona redakcyjna
Spis treści
Instruction for authors

Rachid Bentifour, Sofiane El-Hadi Miri

Some existence results for a nonlocal non-isotropic problem
Opuscula Math. 41 (2021), 5-23   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (553kB)

Abderrahim Charkaoui, Houda Fahim, Nour Eddine Alaa

Nonlinear parabolic equation having nonstandard growth condition with respect to the gradient and variable exponent
Opuscula Math. 41 (2021), 25-53   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (594kB)

Sergiy Kozerenko

More on linear and metric tree maps
 Opuscula Math. 41 (2021), 55-70   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (531kB)

Manabu Naito

Remarks on the existence of nonoscillatory solutions of half-linear ordinary differential equations, I
Opuscula Math. 41 (2021), 71-94   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (563kB)

Michal Staš, Juraj Valiska

On the crossing numbers of join products of W4+Pn and W4+Cn
Opuscula Math. 41 (2021), 95-112   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (644kB)

Joel Fotso Tachago, Hubert Nnang, Elvira Zappale

Reiterated periodic homogenization of integral functionals with convex and nonstandard growth integrands
Opuscula Math. 41 (2021), 113-143   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (625kB)

Ernest Yankson

Exponential stability results for variable delay difference equations
Opuscula Math. 41 (2021), 145-155   Pełny tekst/Article:   pdf  pdf  (469kB)

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